The Sorcerer's Chain (fantasy novel, out-of-print after the publisher went out of
business ca 2013), soon to offered as free PDF file here; some used copies still at Amazon)
The city of Fenward, perpetually storm-
blasted on the edge of the Great Salt Desert,
passes into a season of curses.  It begins as a
wandering blacksmith arrives out of the sea of
dunes.  The only work he will take on is the
forging of chains, woven into a web-work
remarkably like a map of the city; this he
carefully cuts apart like slow torture as
Fenward devolves into carnivals of violence
and rebellion.  No sword-girt hero arises to
end the storm, so who else is left to handle the
mystery of the hammer-wielding sorcerer
except Fenward’s beggars led by Tenna the
Blind, with their ancient tradition of solving
riddles and their strange game called chlab?  

But no rest for Fenward as the second curse
begins work, this time not through an external
entity but now a monster taking shape from
the city’s own chain of sorrow and guilt -- it
slips through the cracks between bricks, the
street paths, the gaps between cobblestones to
reach and slay.  Rilla, the young prophetess
whose home is the hard stone chair in the
Square of Truth, and her unlikely ally, a
broken, cynical soldier, will have to pool their
strength to cut the final links of the curses.
Their way leads to a shunned house whose
history no one can quite recall, like a crime
that has been willingly erased from memory.
ISBN 978-0-9794770-2-7
So far a few used copies
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[Once] Published by
Tooth Press