The Silent Man Called (a sword & sorcery novel available free as PDF file)
Sadly, the twin brothers Renik (a shipmaster) and Kollen (a
smuggler) do not quite get along.  No coincidence, for they
are the shadows cast forward from history by their avatars,
the twin sorcerer-brothers of the old kingdom who brought
a deadly thing into the world and then fought over it.

Our story begins as Renik treks across the desert to
reconcile with his brother.  In his path comes a
representative of the guild of mages, who knows that the
two brothers can lead him to the forbidden thing their
avatars have concealed.  A chase, a sea voyage, desperate
sword-play, a descent into the world -- a sword & sorcery
adventure in the old style!

(c) 2003 Wade Tarzia, All Rights Reserved
ISBN 1-4033-6146-0

Free PDF download below. You will need Adobe Acrobat
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The Silent Man Called, an heroic-fantasy novel
Historical Notes of Interest to Writers:

The first four chapters of this novel were published as a serialized
novella in the fantasy magazine,
The Mage, in 1989, Jeffrey V. Yule,
editor, and illustrated by Rodger Gerberding.  

My next novel,
The Sorcerer's Chain, (Fine Tooth Press 2006; the
company went out of business ca. 2013) continues the story of
Fenward and some of the characters introduced in
The Silent Man

After several  rejections from the big commercial publishers (some of
them supportive, such as "Good writing, but we cannot market the
plot..." as well some plain form-letter rejections, and after a literary
agent told me, "I can't sell sword &sorcery unless it is something like
'Barbarian Lesbians of Venus'"), I tried self-publishing at 1stBooks
Library. This is a foolish decision unless you have thousands of
dollars to market your book. So I cancelled the contract and posted
the novel for free here, and saw over 6,000 hits (but I have no way of
knowing how many of those downloaded the novel).

I would like to hear from readers whether or not they liked the novel.  
Tell me what worked, or what did not.  Send e-mail to wtarzia (at)
nvcc (dot) commnet (dot) edu