Folkloric Approaches to “Alternative” Archaeology and Science
Forbidden Archaeology: Two Reviews of Cult Archaeology publications
Folk Archaeology/Cult Archaeology
Humor, Folklore, and Anthropology
Beowulf and the Dragon Hoard (Chapter 4)
Border Defense in Irish Saga (chapter 5)
A Glance into Mythography
Creationist traditional language
Creationist book review: Historical Story of Ancient Ireland
Mystery Hill (aka America's Stonehenge) Demystified
Front matter and Chapter 1
Tristram Shandy Goes to Ireland
(humorfied 2004 field journal)
addendum to Chapter 4
English Translation of Old Irish Titles
Anthropological approaches to Medieval Folklore
See also "Folklore
introduction for the
literary student" on my
Student page.
A Thematic Override in Beowulf
Selected Dissertation Chapters (early versions of
chaps 4 and 5 previously published in
J. Folklore
and Emania)
Folklore, Anthropology
Unpublished but  Useful
(unpublished research article focusing on a possible "tension of
essences" and compositional confusion of the oral poet or
oral-derived composer; focus on the theme level)
Introduction to oral formulaic epic traditions
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